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Homework answers / question archive / Personal Narrative Assignment Assignment Guidelines: 1

Personal Narrative Assignment Assignment Guidelines: 1


Personal Narrative Assignment

Assignment Guidelines:

1.  Your assignment is to write a Personal Narrative Essay that reflects a significant event or experience in your life.  The personal event or experience you choose to write about should be something that --

*heightened your self-awareness in relation to others (e.g. a volunteer experience that allowed you to experience life from someone else’s perspective)--

*changed your path in life (e.g. an event that influenced your career choice, or made you realize could achieve a goal) -- or

*provided you with the confidence to overcome a problem (e.g. a person or event that helped you change negative habits or actions).

2.  Your essay should contain the following:

    • A minimum of 4 to 6 well-developed paragraphs [which equates to about 1 ½ to 2 pages in length]
      • An introductory paragraph that identifies the topic and previews the essay’s main points
      • Three to four supporting paragraphs that serve as the body of the essay to further develop and describe the main points previewed in the introductory paragraph
      • Final or conclusionary paragraph that summarizes your topic and leaves the reader with a lasting impression about your personal experience
    • A TITLE at the top of the essay that is personalized and reflective of your essay topic
      • The title should be in 12 point font

3.  Formatting – your essay

  • Should be in MLA format

4.  General Writing Guidelines

              Your essay should

      • Show that you engage in the writing process (pre-writing – drafting – editing/revising)
      • Contain strong topic sentences for each paragraph
      • Include descriptive details
      • Be free of grammatical and mechanical errors
      • Show organization and cohesiveness of ideas
      • Be thoughtful and insightful as how this experience impacted you
      • Reflect the required elements as addressed here and on the RUBRIC




Needs Work



  • Purpose and audience have been considered.
  • Thesis clearly conveys main message.
  • Catches attention and draws reader into essay
  • Focuses on topic and previews content





Body Paragraphs

  • Topic sentences demonstrate relationship to thesis (unity).
  • Relate to main point of essay
  • Develop sufficient details and examples
  • Correct length






  • Relates to or comments on the thesis
  • Summarizes essay’s main points
  • Conveys effective lasting impression






  • Arrangement of ideas is clear and consistent.
  • Rhetorical pattern is clear.





Language Skills

  • Correct use of spelling, punctuation, grammar, diction, and syntax
  • Evidence of revising and editing





Format (MLA Style)

  • Appropriate document design
  • Double-spaced and indented paragraphs
  • Appropriate font and pagination





Total Points


English Composition 1: Narrative Essay Common Assessment


Choose ONE of the designated topics and write a narrative essay. Your goal is to tell a story with concrete, descriptive examples. Be sure to selectively choose details that engage the reader and advance your. Also, be sure to highlight a thesis (main point) for your story – a rationale that demonstrates why you wrote about your selected topic. Answers to either or both of the following questions will help you amplify the essay’s thesis: What did you learn from the experience? What should the audience gain from reading about your experience?

Narrative Essay Grading Rubric

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