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Homework answers / question archive / Identify a publicly-traded multinational company with fewer than 10,000 employees

Identify a publicly-traded multinational company with fewer than 10,000 employees


Identify a publicly-traded multinational company with fewer than 10,000

employees. Conduct a general external and industry environment analyses. Perform an internal assessment of the company (e.g., resources and capabilities, core competencies and competitive advantages, financial performance). Identify and critique the company's corporate/diversification strategy. Based on your external environment analysis, identify the two most important opportunities and two most eminent threats that the company and others in the company's industry are facing. Based on your internal environment assessment, identify the company's two most important strengths and its two biggest weaknesses. The suggested format for this assignment is outlined below. Feel free to customize the structure of the project, making sure that you still cover the points outlined below in some logical sequence.


-1. Introduction - summarize what the assignment is about and what the reader should expect to learn from the work you have accomplished
-2. Company profile -
-Background (describe what the company does and offers)
-Industry (provide a primary SIC; alternatively state the industry, identifying clearly the sources that you used to define the industry)
-Revenue/Profitability (last 5 years)
-Number of employees
-3. Analysis
-Business model (customer value proposition and business formula)
-Vision, Mission, Values
-External analysis
-Porter's 5 forces
-Overall opportunities and threats (2 of each)
-Internal analysis
-Ratio analysis (current strategic effectiveness)
-Core competencies
-VRIN resources and capabilities
-(Sustained) Competitive advantages
-Value-chain analysis (3-5 functions)
-Overall strengths and weaknesses (2 of each)
-4. Identify the company's corporate/diversification strategy and its effectiveness
-5. Conclusions - state your main conclusions based on your SWOT analysis and the company's current corporate/diversification strategy and provide basic recommendations to the company that you deem will improve its competitiveness.

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