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Homework answers / question archive / Paper Requirements Format General requirements Format MS Word, font “Times New Roman”, font size 12 spacing,1,5 with minimal formatting Bulgarian language

Paper Requirements Format General requirements Format MS Word, font “Times New Roman”, font size 12 spacing,1,5 with minimal formatting Bulgarian language


Paper Requirements


General requirements

Format MS Word, font “Times New Roman”, font size 12 spacing,1,5 with minimal formatting Bulgarian language. Reports: approximately 6000 words.

 Summary: a summary of the main conclusions within 200 words

Title: In capital letters

About the author: includes as a first footnote marked with an asterisk (*) after the author’s name.

Tables, charts and additional documents, submitted in separate documents; with in text quote [ TABLE] , such as tables (in word document) and diagrams (back and white, 300dpi) must be clearly numbered.

Sources and references: in footnotes






- “%” Instead of “percent”

- “$”, “”, “” instead of “dollars”, “euro”, “pounds”, etc.;

-  Parentheses “()” instead of square “[]” (unless parentheses in brackets);

- Capitalization after colon;

- The presence of omitted words with in quoted text should be indicated by ellipsis in square brackets: [..];

- Words of Latin should be written in italics: “ex-ante”, “ex-post”, “de minimis ”;

- “State aid”;

- “Member State”;


General look


Every word of the title should be capitalized, except unions and pretexts. The length of the title should not exceed three lines after typing (max. 150 characters including spaces).

The subtitle also not exceed 3 lines (max.200 characters, including intervals)

Information for authors

Author information is included as the first footnote marked with an asterisk (*) after the name of the author.


Title Report

Ivan Petrov*


*Prof. Ivan Petrov, Department “….”, Faculty of Law Sofia university

How to insert a footnote: In the “References), click on the group “Footnotes” (Footnotes) (bottom right corner of group “Footnotes”). In the window, select the star of “Character selection” (custom mark): click on insert” (Insert), then enter the text of note.

All subsequent footnotes should be consistently numbered superscript text placed after any punctuation characters



Before the start of the report you should put a brief summary (no title), in italics, containing four to five sentences, preferably without footnotes.



The headings in the text should be formatted as follows:

Heading 1:  I  (starting from Introduction)

Heading 2: 1

Heading 3: a.

Heading 4: i.


Books and references

Quotes from the book:

Author, | title| (Additional information, |edition, | publisher | year) |folio

In the event that the authors ?re more than 4, list three authors, and add and the like. (Et al.)

Cite journal articles:

Indicate the year of publication in brackets indicates the year and volumes in parentheses if there is a separate number of volumes;

Author, | Title| [Year] |name of journal or abbreviation | first – final page article: page on which the quote

Author, |Title| (Year) | Volume| name of journal or abbreviation | first and last page of the article: page on which the quote is situated


Legislation and regulation

References to regulations, directives ad non – binding instruments (eg. communications, etc.): Type if instrument |Number act| full name, | reference to the Official Journal (OJ)

In subsequent citations can be used short Name the act.Art. 1 Reg. The min. support (fn. X)

Framework for RDI (fn. X) par. 6

Commission decisions

Type of instrument |by| date| on| name of the act, | Reference the act, | number page

Commission decision of October 1, 1997 on state aid which allegedly granted by France to SFMI- Chronopost , 98/365/ EC


National legislation

Citing national law or legislation should include the name of the institution name, date and number of the text and It allows easy access to the text to the reader


Online sources

Quotes from publications that are only available electronically should complete Internet address (´url’) in angle brackets (<>) followed by the date

Of last access.´Http://´is included only if the Internet address does not begin with ´Www´.


Abbreviations and shorting

In the main part of the text as a whole cuts must be avoided.

Allowed common Latin abbreviations: (e.g., i.e., et seq., Et al., Etc.).

In the footnotes should be used the following abbreviations: (ed.) / (Eds),

p./pp. (Instead pgs.), Para. /paras.


- “Article” instead of “Art”

Article 7 (1) (13)

Art, par.1, point 13


Report title (in capital Letters) in English.

Name and surname*

The report should begin with a summary (in italics). The abstract is a brief summary of the min conclusions of the report. Its length should be approximately 200 words. In this paragraph should not use footnotes or to cite figures. The academic literature generally uses the summary to present concisely the purpose and results of the relevant study. In typical form, the summary outlines: The focus of the study; and main conclusions and recommendations.

  1. Starting points (Roman Numerals)

This is the first paragraph. Inquiries and references are presented in the footnotes as a figure of reference is placed after the punctuation mark, like this[1], or that[2]. If you refer to the table charts and the like, they should be displayed in separate files, numbered, as in report puts reference [Table 1] where it should include the relevant information.

  1. Subchapter (Arabic numerals)

Reference to the decision of the European Commission should look like this[3]. Citing source that is only available online should look like that.

  1. Subparagraphs (a. b. c.)
  1. Council of the research team

Use this template to prepare your report. The reports should be approximately 6000 words

  1. Conclusions and Recommendations


*Description of the author and important information, such as: “The opinions expressed are personal and not necessarily reflect the opinion of the [institution]. “



Please note that student should prepare also a  Power Point (Power Point)  of his/her  work


[1] Quote from the article: S.Yankulova.´The contract for granting financial assistance from the Structural and Cohesion Funds of the European Union – shaped exercise of state power and the rights of defense´

(2015), pp. 8-33.

[2] Quote from the book: G. Petkanov, ´Budget competence of the people´s councils in HP Bulgaria´(“Sv.Kliment Ohridski”, 1988) , p. 5.

[3] Referrers TO REGULATION / DECISION: Commission Decision of 1 October 1997 on State aid, which allegedly granted by France to SFMI- Chronopost, 98/365/


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