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Homework answers / question archive / New Perspectives Word 2019 | Module 5: SAM Project 1a Shania Harr 1

New Perspectives Word 2019 | Module 5: SAM Project 1a Shania Harr 1

MS Word

New Perspectives Word 2019 | Module 5: SAM Project 1a

Shania Harr


As a producer at Maven Studios, the video production division of online marketplace, you are creating a guide for clients developing corporate videos. You started the guide using a template, and you now need to customize elements of the document and its formatting to be consistent with other company materials.  Apply the Shaded style set to use the standard style set for Maven Studio client documents.



Apply a style set.



On page 1, change the color of the underlining for "" to Blue, Accent 3 to provide a contrast to the surrounding text.



Change the color of an underline.



In the second sentence on page 2 ("In a corporate…the following tasks:"), use the Thesaurus to find a synonym for "junctures" that begins with the letter "s" to use a more common, appropriate term.



Use the Thesaurus.



Modify and update a paragraph style as follows to call attention to the topics in the "Getting Started" section: a. Change the character spacing of the text in the "Planning the Video" heading to Expanded by 1.5 point. b. Change the font color of the "Planning the Video" heading to Plum, Accent 1. c. Update the Start list paragraph style to reflect the formatting changes.



Change the character spacing.



Change the font color.



Update a style.




Apply the Main topic character style to the "Set the core message" text in the third bulleted item to match the other bulleted items in the "Getting Started" section.



Apply a character style.




Apply Small caps to the hyperlink "" to match the formatting of the other hyperlinks.



Change the font case.



Create and insert a Quick Part as follows to include content that Maven Studios includes in all client documents: a. Open the file Support_WD19_5a_About.docx and then save the two paragraphs as a Quick Part using Maven as the name of the Quick Part. b. Insert the Maven Quick Part in the blank paragraph at the end of the document to provide information about Maven Studios. c. Close Support_WD19_5a_About.docx.



Insert a Quick Part.



Return to page 1 to insert a table of contents as follows: a. In the blank paragraph after the "Guide to Creating Brand Videos" heading, insert a custom table of contents. b. Select the Simple format for the table of contents. c. In the Table of Contents Options dialog box, remove the Heading 3 style from the table of contents. d. Change the TOC level of the Start list style to 2. Finish inserting the table of contents using defaults for all other options.



Insert a table of contents.



Remove an entry from a table of contents.



Change the TOC level.



Change the format of a table of contents.



On page 3, apply the Heading 2 style to the "Employee Interviews" paragraph to format it as a heading in the "Typical Content" section.



Apply a style.



Update the table of contents to reflect the change to the document.



Update a table of contents.


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