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Homework answers / question archive / Discussion Forum 8 - Ocean Careers 2525 unread replies

Discussion Forum 8 - Ocean Careers 2525 unread replies


Discussion Forum 8 - Ocean Careers

2525 unread replies.4747 replies.

What do oceanographers/marine biologists do?

Once you have completed all of the content for the first few modules, you will have a good introduction to the importance of oceanography and how oceanographers are able to investigate the processes and organisms found in the ocean. The goal of this forum is for you to teach your fellow classmates a little about what opportunities are available to marine science majors and those who are interested in having a career that is somehow related to the oceans.

Do some internet research about ocean-related careers by looking into particular jobs or by browsing a couple of the following websites:

DIRECTIONS:  In your own words, describe a SPECIFIC ocean-related career that interests you and address the following questions (in at least 200 words).

  1. What do professionals in that field do, how do they do it, who do they work for, and why is their work important?
  2. How do you prepare for a job in that particular discipline as a student, and what challenges might you face getting the job?
  3. Read through your classmates posts and reply to 2 that interest you.  Describe why you would or would not consider pursuing a career in that particular discipline (in at least 100 words each).

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