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Homework answers / question archive / Discussion Forum 1: Ocean Importance 3131 unread replies

Discussion Forum 1: Ocean Importance 3131 unread replies


Discussion Forum 1: Ocean Importance

3131 unread replies.7777 replies.

Directions for this discussion forum: Answer the following question:How does the ocean affect you personally in your everyday life?

  1. Describe ONE main way the ocean affects your life.
  2. You need to explain specifics of your response in at least 200 words.  It will greatly help you if you use the web and your textbook to get some general ideas and then relate them to specifics in your life, your location, or your individual life situation.  You should have no less than 3 citations.
  3. Then read your classmates' posts and respond to TWO with at least 100 words each.  Your response should take their idea and explain how that aspect also affects your life, but in a slightly different way than what they originally wrote about.
  4. Cite sources of facts/data etc., but do not include quoted passages.  Your entire post should be your own words, thoughts, feelings, and ideas about this topic.  

 I highly recommend you review the file entitled "Discussion Forum Guidelines" available on the Home Page before posting your first discussion forum. 

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