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3.4 Discussion


  • Practice summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting the content of an article


  1. Read the newspaper column provided on pages 336-338 in Practical Argument, and highlight it to identify its most important ideas.
  2. Then, write a summary of one paragraph and a paraphrase of another paragraph.
  3. Finally, offer three examples of quotes you would include in a paper. Your quotes should include identifying tags, which is a concept defined on pages 338-339 in our textbook.
  4. Be sure to include documentation in the form of in-text citation and a Works Cited page.

Tip #1: As a way to infuse this discussion board exercise with a greater sense of purpose, you could assume that the newspaper column is a source for an essay you are writing on the topic, "Is Technology a Serious Threat to Our Privacy?" 

Tip #2: Remember, the skills you practice in this exercise are the very same skills expected in your major essay assignments for this course.


Due: Sunday, Week 3

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