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3.3 Assignment


  • Learn about and put into practice the synthesis concept


Read the articles between pages 310-325 about social networking privacy threats. After you have read these articles, review the synthesis concept described in Practical Argument on pages 341-343. 

Write 2-3 paragraphs in which you synthesize the arguments of two of the following articles: "Who Spewed That Abuse: Anonymous Yik Yak App Isn't Telling," "All Eyes on You," "My Creepy Instagram Map Knows Where I Live," and "Is Online Dating Safe." Your synthesis should add your own original ideas--examples or opinions--to the conversation and also blend in information from the two selected sources. Use identifying tags (or signal phrases) and parenthetical documentation to introduce your sources and to distinguish your own ideas from the ideas expressed by your sources.  

Please provide a Works Cited page to cite the two articles you write about in this assignment.

Your 2-3 paragraphs should be 350-500 words long. 

Tip: For more information about identifying tags (or signal phrases), please revisit pages 338-341 in Practical Argument.


Due: Wednesday, Week 3

Where do I post my work? After drafting and saving your work in Word, please open the submission window (click on "Write Submission"), then cut and paste your work from your Word document right into the submission box below in the Assignments tool. Please, do NOT submit an attachment and do NOT paste your work in the Comments window.


Please make sure all formatting remains intact.

If you are not sure how to submit your work, please review the Guidelines for Submitting Assignments page located in Start Here folder in Course Content. Submission steps are outlined and illustrated there.

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