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2.2 Assignment


  • Compose a paragraph that employs either inductive or deductive reasoning, depending on your preference. 


In your previous discussion and this week's text reading assignment, you have learned more about inductive and deductive reasoning. You have also been introduced to varying perspectives on the free speech debate, and it's time to consider your own perspective.

Using an inductive or deductive argument strategy, compose a paragraph or two in which you argue a unique point about free speech as it relates to a social media platform of your choice (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, or other relevant platform). More specifically, in this paragraph (or paragraphs), you should state an arguable claim, defend it with support (evidence: facts, observations, or expert opinion), and end on a conclusive note. 

If you are struggling to identify a topic, you could use the following for inspiration: online hate speech, dark comedy, threats of violence, political agenda, fake news, cyberbullying, or anonymity (among others). This story about a famous "social media fail" might inspire your ideas too. Kendall Jones became headlines news when she posted photos of her hunts on Facebook for the public to see, and she received some serious backlash as a result.

As always, if you use an outside source to support your claim, please cite it in a Works Cited page. 

Your paragraph(s) should be at least 300 words long. 

Due: Wednesday, Week 2

Where do I post my work? After drafting and saving your work in Word, please open the submission window (click on "Write Submission"), then cut and paste your work from your Word document right into the submission box below in the Assignments tool. Please, do NOT submit an attachment and do NOT paste your work in the Comments window.


Please make sure all formatting remains intact.

If you are not sure how to submit your work, please review the Guidelines for Submitting Assignments page located in Start Here folder in Course Content. Submission steps are outlined and illustrated there.

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