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Colvin v


Colvin v. Colvin Case PDFPreview the document

Please upload this case brief if you selected it for your homework. See the Case Brief Template, Instructions & Explanations if you need to review.

You are also expected to participate in the discussion of the case, which will count toward your participation points.

Please see the rubric for the sections of the case brief and grading criteria.

Turnitin: Plagiarism Check

This assignment will be checked against multiple sources for original content using Turnitin. A report will be generated that shows if content in this paper matches content in documents available on the Internet, in print journals, and a database of other papers submitted by students. You will be able to see the results of the originality check. If you have a yellow or red flag (>25% non-original material), you should revise your paper and resubmit immediately to avoid consequences to your grade or academic integrity.

When submitting your assignment, you must agree to the terms and conditions of the originality check: Your paper will be added to the student database for comparison of future OSU papers against it. You maintain ownership of the original intellectual property created in this paper. You also understand that results of this report may be used by the University in student conduct proceedings related to academic dishonesty.

For further information, visit Student Conduct and Community Standards, or contact the office of Student Conduct and Mediation at 541-737-3656. For more information about preventing plagiarism see the library guide on Academic Integrity for Students.

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