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Homework answers / question archive / Write a 1250 words paper on the topic Senkaku Islands Dispute between Japan and China

Write a 1250 words paper on the topic Senkaku Islands Dispute between Japan and China


Write a 1250 words paper on the topic Senkaku Islands Dispute between Japan and China. Most of the cross border conflicts between countries are brought about by natural cross border distribution of resources in the two or more countries, whereby it could happen that a certain essential resource at the border of two or more countries. Most of the resources that bring these conflicts are natural, for instance, two or more countries may be sharing a large water source like a lake or river, In this case, each of the parties will want to fight to have full rights of ownership and control of it, other resources include mountains oil exploits among others.

When countries cannot effectively reach a general agreement about control and management of the resource, one of the most effective ways of solving the dispute, is usually appointing a team comprising of different experts to assess the value and way of sharing proceeds from the resources for the benefit of countries involved. This method has been used in many places, with concerned countries signing various treaties and agreements to manage the exploitation of resources. This method has helped avert possible conflicts and further disagreements that would have otherwise threatened the stability of particular countries. The ultimate aim of such dispute resolution approaches aims at maintaining the political and economic stability of the countries involved, making it possible for the country’s citizens to benefit from the particular resources.

The dispute and controversy concerning the Senkaku Islands have been a territorial issue involving the Japanese republic and that of China. For a very long time, these islands have been uninhabited, remaining furrow without any human activities taking place. Between China and Japan, these islands have not been fully exploited perhaps because of the possibility that they can fuel the war between the two countries.

Despite the mutual and reliable relations that have characterized Japan and china, this row has been cited as a potential cause of civil war. The Islands' total number of islands that are cause all these territorial issues are eight, with a maximum possible area of about 7 sp kilometers, located towards the northeast of Taiwan Republic, East of the Chinese mainland, and the South Western part of&nbsp. Japan. The majority of these islands are currently under the control of the Japanese government, something that China continues to protest.

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