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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on musuem


Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on musuem. The Rebranded Exhibit The rebranded exhibit is inclusive of posters on polish films for the American west. The exhibits are basically interpretations by the polish artists of the western movies such as Misfits and Shane that were based in areas such as Los Angeles. The rebranded presents one of the major influences of artwork by the American west during the Poland’s’ communist era. The western movies portrayed epic visions of some of the American legends such as John Wayne but the polish artists used simplistic universally recognizable symbols to express their opinions on various aspects. Symbols such as the cowboy, saddle and the horse were categorical in depicting the negative influence of violence in the society (Wayne, 2002).

The exhibit is an artwork that is of a diamond shape. One of the most appealing and easily identifiable aspects is the wall at the center of the exhibit. The color, red, is meant to easily depict the general description of the exhibit. The color is mostly associated with blood or war and the exhibit, thus, describes an eventful-bloody scenario. The works of art are located inside a white scaffold and dangle on the wall. The positioning of the artworks in a specified location allows the viewer to critically analyze them and develop a deeper understanding. They are also close enough and not far up which also provide them with an easier opportunity of self-discovery.

The exhibit is well lit, though softly and even more directly so as to make it more visible. This is also an attribute to its simplistic nature. Additionally, it is easier to relate to the other exhibits that of gray color. The white background and red in the other distinctively create a sense of simplistic-appeal. The artists or museum organizers in this case arrange the exhibits in a manner that allow easy description of the posters. The exhibits appear bright especially with the use of cool colors to form the background walls. The choices of the colors allow the viewer to easily understand the exhibits and also easily relate to the occasion or event they are describing.

The work of art is described using labels on the posters. All the posters have a label that is likely to give one an idea of what was probably being described. This makes it easily possible even in posters that lack a description but simple labels. Additionally, the works completed describe the influence the polish artist has developed due to western movies. They are not very descriptive of the finer details however notably due to their one-dimensional nature. They are useful though in terms of providing the general expression such as the year the art thus allow relate to the times.

The exhibits are very methodical and simple in terms of the manner of arrangement. They are constituted of a variety of files posters but resemble a uniquely equal style of the American west. The universal theme of simplicity is clearly evident in all the posters allowing the user to easily decipher the meaning expressed by polish artists. Placing them in a white frame is another way that allows the theme of simplicity to be easily expressed. The museum is more likely to attract more visitors who appreciate art if at all the arrangement is of better appeal.

Rebranded is one of the posters that were highly rated works of art and regarded as a source of national pride. This is especially so because they were less regarded as threats to social order making it easier for self expression and creation of more individualistically-pioneered techniques. The works of art not only serve as ‘catchy’ but also offer a creative aspect on some of the legendary American westerns as well as a foretaste into the poster art form.

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