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Homework answers / question archive / Complete 17 pages APA formatted article: Individual Market Research

Complete 17 pages APA formatted article: Individual Market Research


Complete 17 pages APA formatted article: Individual Market Research. The manufactures recognized the need of special servers being embedded in blackberry phones, which make it, operate between the email and phone systems hence providing a better performance. Furthermore, this phone has been known to offer the best ever security as compared to other phones. Thirdly, the phone also do not only use ‘back’ buttons when it comes to multitasking. It has special flow features that allow one to effectively transit between the applications by the use of a finger to flick them to sides( OECD economic surveys. 2006 89-92).&nbsp. At this moment, the peek features permits one to have a glance at the notifications and messages without exiting from the working application and open a hub. This attributes made it fly to the top rankings in the technology of phones.3.2. Apple phonesTo this phone, all the media related features can be noted. First, the phone is made to have an advanced iOS five, linked with cloud-integration. Secondly, the phone also has a good voice interface and music streaming features and lastly a 4G connectivity (Landau, 1984 8-10). Among the many available attributes, these ones have been proved outstanding since every person who has this type of phone, praised it through the recognition of the above features. This phone is known by its high media capability. And since people are gradually moving from the world of median ignorance to the world of media addiction, then this phone proves to be the best of them all. Its technological approach during manufacturing is something that is worth of praise.

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