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Homework answers / question archive / writing homework on Gambling and Its Effect on Professional and College Sports

writing homework on Gambling and Its Effect on Professional and College Sports


writing homework on Gambling and Its Effect on Professional and College Sports. Write a 2500 word paper answering; However, humans are unique and the only species on earth which is conscious as well as concerned about the future and their superior brain allows them to be predictive and speculative in nature. This extra ability allows humans to indulge in fantasy and speculation which is reflected in the phenomenon of gambling which has developed into an art over the years. In the face of stiff competition, everybody tries to stay ahead of the other and subtle methods and means are employed to get an edge in one’s favor. Gambling is also an evil that has developed over the course of time and has assumed such proportions that it is legalized in some parts of the world. Everybody tries to chance their luck in order to get short term immediate monetary gains and thereby obtain temporary succor from the travails of life.

Sports are an essential component of education and are incorporated into the course curriculum in order to eliminate the monotony of student life. People even opt for adopting sports as a career as it is a high paying profession if one is capable of reaching the pinnacle in any of the sports disciplines. Collective efforts at the state and the national level are made to support their representative teams in various tournaments across the nation as well on the international platforms. The general public usually builds up euphoria and attachment with the local or the national team and this sometimes transforms into the downright craze. This allows for the elements of wagering and bets in or against a particular team to develop. In fact, the phenomenon has assumed the mantle of the business itself in the present era of online connectivity and rapid communication.

In the United States sports wagering has assumed serious proportions and it has taken the form of a highly organized industry with statistics showing that almost 85% of the population indulges in&nbsp.gambling in one form or the other and a major component is sports betting (Udovicic, 1998).

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