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Homework answers / question archive / Create a 4 pages page paper that discusses blending learning and ict systems

Create a 4 pages page paper that discusses blending learning and ict systems


Create a 4 pages page paper that discusses blending learning and ict systems. It is has been applied to help meet the needs of the large number of students and teachers, and has been a vital component of the most successful integration of the uses of ICT. This kind of learning offers a real opportunity for the creation of learning experiences. These opportunities can ensure that right learning objectives are achieved and the right place for each and every person involved. This is not just at their places of work, but also in schools and by extension even at their homes (Willems, 2013, p.29).

The most important question about this system of learning is on how to mix the two approaches in order to be able to obtain an effective course and training. The fundamental points that would guide this process include: the definition of the content of the curriculum to be covered. definition of the parts of the content to be performed in the traditional way and that which should be covered using the ICT systems, and the definition and extent of the ICT tools and techniques to be implored (Dias, Diniz & Hadjileontiadis, 2013, p.59). Having worked out these aspects, blended learning would allow for the maximization of the course effectiveness and this would be through matching the best methodology for each of the verified and defined course parts. Face-to-face classes, a typical traditional methodology, and technique, would be suited for classroom activities such as coaching, feedback on activities, exercises and paper-based tests. These often require the physical and social interaction between the students and their teachers for them to be effective (Dias, Diniz & Hadjileontiadis, 2013, p.63). E-learning, on the other hand, works better for such activities that include application exercises, interaction between the students themselves, online coaching, chats and instant messaging and online feedback and assessment.

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