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Homework answers / question archive / Each student is required to prepare and present a current budgetary issue report

Each student is required to prepare and present a current budgetary issue report


Each student is required to prepare and present a current budgetary issue report. The purpose of this assignment is to get students involved and connected. Information and ideas can be taken from current journals, newspapers, publications by government, non-profit research institutions, and other public organizations, city council meetings, county board meetings, or other public hearings related to public budgeting. Current budgetary issues refer to budgetary issues that took place from January 1, 2018 to present. Each student will select a different topic, write and present a report to the class. The current budgetary issue report will count 20% of the final grade, including 10% for the report and 10% for the presentation. The report is approximately two pages long (excluding the title page and references). It should be typed, double-spaced, have one-inch margin on all sides, and use Times New Roman Font 12. Save the report in MS Word and submit it to Blackboard by the due time listed above. Do not submit PDF files or iWorks documents without converting them to MS Word. The report should include the following: Cover Page: include at least the title of the report and your name. Body of the report (two pages): start with a brief introduction of the budgetary issue (including a problem statement and where you find the information about the issue) (half a page); analyze the issue (including causes of the issue) (half a page); discuss alternatives for dealing with the issue (half a page); and propose your way of resolving the issue and provide justifications for it (half a page). References: include a list of sources of information using APA. The presentation is approximately five minutes, followed by class discussion. Use MS PowerPoint to present your report with six PowerPoint slides: On the first slide, include the title of your report and your name; The second slide introduces the issue; The third slide analyzes the issue; The fourth slide provides solutions to the issue; The fifth slide is about your own proposal and justifications; and The six slide includes a list of references you cite for the report.

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