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Homework answers / question archive / Write a 16 pages paper on the evolution of communication and function of new media

Write a 16 pages paper on the evolution of communication and function of new media


Write a 16 pages paper on the evolution of communication and function of new media. With time, the methods and devices humans have used through the course of human history have evolved as the societies continued to advance. While cultural, social, economic, religious, political, or natural forces have affected the evolution of communication means, the means or method of communication has in turn shaped and influenced ideas, traditions, values, and institutions (Manuel 2008).

The evolution of communication means has been most evident and significant in the past century, with the pace of invention accelerating after every 50 years in the 20th century with several advances recorded in the 21st century. Among the most significant inventions in the past centuries are the telephone, the telegraph, motion picture projector, and the motion picture camera, not to be discounted is the invention of electricity, which is the bloodline of the information revolution. Most importantly, these inventions made mass communication possible and established the foundations for present-day communication systems (Manuel 2008).

The emergence of social media

The internet was invented through a collaboration of researchers and the US Department of Defense as a communication network adaptable to extreme conditions. The internet was, however, allowed for civilian use in the 1980s and was mainly utilized by academicians and researchers. It is Swiss researchers who invented the first protocols heralding the creation of the World Wide Web, which consisted of a multimedia component of the internet. This user-friendly version of the internet became the preferred interface for internet users making the internet adaptable to the general public (Marjorie 2005).

Social media are a form of communication where people interact with each other and communicate with the world using user-created content. Through social networks, people are able to communicate, create new relationships, interact, and share information using different tools offered by social networking websites. Users of social media communications using tools like status, chatting, or Twitter updates to express themselves and communicate with friends (Marjorie 2005).

Social networking sites have changed the way people receive and share information by opening up new portals through which information is disseminated and shared. People no longer rely on traditional mass media like newspapers and television to access news.

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