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For this assignment: 1


For this assignment: 1. Choose one of the following topics: * ADHD, controversies, treatments, outcomes 2. Find an article on the topic you chose in a professional psychology journal. To find an appropriate article, you should use the library’s on-line search engine (such as EBSCO Host) and databases (such as PSYC Articles, Academic Search Premier and Academic Search Elite). Some examples of professional psychology journals include Social Cognition, Child Development, Journal of Abnormal Psychology, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Journal of Experimental Psychology, Neuropsychology, etc… You should limit your search to Full Text Articles and Scholarly Journals. It is very important that you limit your search to scholarly journals, as this should only bring up professional journals. * Articles from other sources, like magazines, newspapers, or websites are not acceptable for this assignment. 3. After reading the journal article, write a paper with the following information: Introduction What is the topic of the paper and why is this topic important? Purpose & Hypothesis What is the purpose of the research described in the article? What are the authors trying to find out? What is their research hypothesis or research question(s), such as in case of an observation? Methods What research methods do the authors use in their research? Be specific. Describe the research. Results Summarize what the authors discovered in their research. What were the results? Discussion and Conclusions Discuss what these findings mean. What do the authors conclude about their results? Impression/Opinion What do you think about this article personally? What did you learn by reading this article? References Include the complete citation for the journal article: • Author(s) of article. (Publication Year). Title of article. Journal Name, volume #(issue #), from page # to page #. doi: # or AN: Accession #.

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