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Homework answers / question archive / Write 6 pages with APA style on Product Analysis: Philip Starch Juicer

Write 6 pages with APA style on Product Analysis: Philip Starch Juicer


Write 6 pages with APA style on Product Analysis: Philip Starch Juicer. The invention of the product was informed by pressing a fruit over a squid (Watson-Smyth 2014). However, the juicer resembles a spider. Although it serves its core purpose, there is a feeling that it is driven primarily by an appreciation of art as opposed to an innate desire to squeeze the juice. The product pioneered the modernist approach to industrial design where a deliberate effort is made to ensure that products are created not just with functionality in mind but also with their form as a major consideration (house to home 2014).

The Philip stark juicer represents a product with a beautiful design. The consumer can clearly see that a lot of effort went into manufacturing products that not only served its intended purpose but also appealed to the consumer. The product is polished. In addition, it is made with aluminum with an elaborate finish that ensures it sparkles. The cone-shaped head makes it possible for the juicer to be used as an ornament in most kitchens. It is possible to think that its aesthetic beauty is one of the key factors that differentiate it from other products. However, the use of stainless steel as opposed to aluminum could have made it a better product. The use of aluminum means that the user has to wash it in running water after using it in order to prevent tarnishing. Aluminum is used because it is resistant to acids.

The cost of the product is relatively expensive for many consumers. For instance, the cost of a pack of four products is $ 102.00 on Amazon ( 2014). The price means that the price of the product is around $25.50. For most consumers that is a high cost for a kitchen product. However, the fact that it is a pack that shows an attempt by the manufacturer to ensure that the consumer gets value for their money. In addition, the four packs mean that they can be used over a prolonged period. The retail price is justified by the feeling of quality evoked by its superb construction. Furthermore, the product is constructed in such a way that it would last for a long period. The move justifies the high pricing. In addition, the cost of manufacturing products from aluminum is high.&nbsp.

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