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Homework answers / question archive / Write 5 pages with APA style on The Design of a Polishing Robotics System

Write 5 pages with APA style on The Design of a Polishing Robotics System


Write 5 pages with APA style on The Design of a Polishing Robotics System. The project entails the design of a robotic system manipulator. It highlights some of the construction methods of a manipulator with some key consideration factors. Some of the advantages is that the performance of the actuator will improve at the same time reducing the complexity of the system. Normally, two kinds of robotic controllers are employed in the system. regular and adaptive. Some of the fundamental and essential configurations of a robot include. the polar, cylindrical, jointed-arm and Cartesian coordinate configurations. All of these are required for a system to be called a robot or there will be no robot. They are the key components for the operation of a robot.

The structural requirements of the robotic system are the piston actuators because it has many benefits over the rotary vane actuators. Piston actuators are very durable and strong, have higher levels of efficiency, and are easy to maintain.

The chief parts include the central stem, actuator cradles, double actuator forks, output flange, and ground link and double Hooke joints. The principal structural parts are listed by order of decreasing design difficulty. This is followed by examining the type of loads and magnitudes in each bearing. Most of the polishing systems construction are made of steel to enhance and improve the strength while aluminium is used for a few parts in the system. The use of such measures is to minimize the collision of the moving parts of the robotic system.

In the design of a robot, there are specific and key factors that should be considered. Foremost, the robot must be in a state of isolation that is a stand-alone feature like. It should be able to support itself without any assistance from any object. Secondly, the robot must accept the programming codes in order to accept the outlined instruction to give a desirable objective.

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