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Homework answers / question archive / Human trafficking is among the rapidly growing transitional crimes worldwide

Human trafficking is among the rapidly growing transitional crimes worldwide


Human trafficking is among the rapidly growing transitional crimes worldwide. Human trafficking is commonly evident in Africa and Asia (Territo& Kirkham, 2010). The victims face severe challengessuch as covering long distances to the place of exploitation. Human trafficking has been reinforced by the high demand forcheap labor and sexual services. Sexual trafficking is simply transportation of persons under age of eighteen years for the purpose of forced commercial sex act.

The human trafficking policy has its own and strengths and weaknesses. For instance, the international trafficking protocol treaty compels nations to punish traffickers and protect the victims ( Mccabe&Manian, 2010). Parties to the United Nations Conventions that fight human trafficking and smuggling areobliged to enact legislations that work in favor of the provisions. The provisions have helped control the human trafficking in the world. Victims can be offered hospitality at any member state of such international groups.

Policies such as vacating conviction lawaid in making sure that the victims of sexual human trafficking are not treated like criminals. Thus policy provides increased protection and gives the victims the courage to face the world afresh. For instance, in 2010,New YorkState passed a legislation that enables victims of human traffic appeal. Another policy that has been put in place is placing heavy fines on traffickers.

Anti-trafficking polices are difficult to enforce because victims fear identifying the traffickers. Additionally, human trafficking goes beyond a country’s boarders making application of law or prosecution costly and time consuming. Human trafficking involves violation of many laws. Compiling a cases involving human trafficking is thus a complex endeavor. Additionally, the bodies dedicated to enforce human trafficking are poorly funded and managed( Kara, 2009).

The current policy has been in place since the formation of United Nations organization. It is quite unfortunate that victim’s rarely give information about the traffickers. The main supporters of human trafficking policies are human right organizations, the governments of various states among others. Terror groups and liberal groups are the major critics of the policies.

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