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Homework answers / question archive / Write 2 pages about water park in USA

Write 2 pages about water park in USA


Write 2 pages about water park in USA. Economic trends (pest analysis) focus on communication technology (advertising) of water park in USA Such as: Technological Trends: 1. New communication technology a. Communication technology is related to the advertising of waterparks. As the communication technology is developing, people are able to communicate with the others easier, which also lead to more efficient advertisement technique. As the advertisements become more efficient, more people are able to know about the parks. Therefore, more people will go to water parks. b. Communication technology is also related to ticket selling. As people are easier communicating the others, people are able to sell and buy ticket more efficiently. As efficiency increases, water parks can attract more consumers and generate more benefits • Write without an introduction and Conclusions. • double space; arial; 12

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