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Homework answers / question archive / I had a chance to learn about conflict resolution during my group work

I had a chance to learn about conflict resolution during my group work


I had a chance to learn about conflict resolution during my group work. I found that working in a team is not an easy job. Being a part of the team is not only a challenge to your creativity but is also a challenge to your social and emotional skills. Moreover, I realized that what happens in a group work affects your personal life also as you tend to carry home the emotions that you feel during the group work. We were four people in a group. During our group work, we experienced conflict in many issues. We experienced conflict right from the beginning of the work as the schedule of the meeting in itself became a matter of conflict. There were only 4 days left for the presentation and we were not able to decide the time of the meeting as one of the group members had to leave early. We tried to find a solution which was acceptable by everyone. Hence, we decided to meet at lunchtime when every one of us was free.

&nbsp.Later on, we had a difference of opinion regarding which videos to choose for the presentation. Two members wanted one video for presentation while I and other member were thinking of other video clip. To resolve the conflict between the choices of the videos, we decided to show only one video which was “South Park”. I learned different things from my experience in group work.

However, the most important thing that I learned was that it is very necessary to express your opinion during the task conflict. In my situation, I was a listener most of the time and avoided talking. Even when I had some useful suggestions, I was not able to express them in front of the team. This made me lose my confidence and I became a passive part of the team and did not contribute much even when I was capable. I have learned that by not contributing actively to the team, the chances of performing the task smoothly decreases. It is important not to let conflicts during the task affect your contribution to the team. It is better to resolve it by being vocal about it rather than suffer silently and risk team’s performance level. However, to resolve a conflict what is necessary is to understand what a conflict is.&nbsp.

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