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Homework answers / question archive / Write a 5 pages paper on the politics of economic leadership

Write a 5 pages paper on the politics of economic leadership


Write a 5 pages paper on the politics of economic leadership. In this scenario, the reelection of the incumbent president would form the dependent variable. The national rate of unemployment would constitute the independent variable. However, it would be imperative to understand that confounding variables are also of a crucial concern.

Regression as a statistical tool is important in approximating the extent of relatedness of the information provided. One of the basic questions to ask in this scenario might be, to what extent the reelection of the incumbent president depends on the unemployment rate in a country. Therefore, the linear regression model as the analysis technique will be utilized in aiding the understanding of how the characteristic changes in any case independent variable are altered in spite of the other variables remaining fixed.

The evaluation will take into account the causation in the two variables as well as the appropriate way of approving the hypotheses. This analysis will basically rely on the cause and effect of one variable on the other. Principally, it would be logical to outline the cause of high or low rate of unemployment and its effect on the credibility of the incumbent president for reelection (Wood 19).

The essence of the variables’ ability to function in influencing the situations in the political scenario is the main reason for their inclusion in this analysis. Starting with the first case of the independent variable, in this case, there is a need for elaborating on the effect of the unemployment rate on the status of the sitting president. The voters constitute a significant portion of the population and these are the individuals who would demand employment in different sections of the government. According to them as the unemployed rate, they would observe the president’s success to be creating for them the desired employment opportunities.&nbsp.

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