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Homework answers / question archive / Write a 5 pages paper on the role of the media campaign in a company

Write a 5 pages paper on the role of the media campaign in a company


Write a 5 pages paper on the role of the media campaign in a company. In the case of a company, communication is a very key element that enables coordination within the firm and even outside the firm with external alliances like the company customers, competitors, debtors, creditors, and even the potential investors among other parties. At such levels, communication can be best achieved through media campaigns. Various companies have used media to reach their audience and enhance their communication within their internal and external environments.

Public relations are an essential element and a very determinant pillar for the survival of any company in the market. This calls for media working in the companies. For any company to achieve good public relations, a great emphasis should be done on the side of communication. This calls for the employment of media campaigns, that should be done strategically and in a procedural manner in order to meet the targeted audience effectively. If a company decides to embark on a media campaign, this should be a strategic move.

The media campaigns will enable it to meet its audience, who are majorly the external partners like customers effectively. The companies should use a PR communication strategy in order to get a better link with the audience. Strategic communication involves the use of planned media campaigns to achieve public relations, marketing, and advertisement. This is targeted to sending a particularly important message to the audience.

The whole process should start with formative research. The research should be much directed to the audience and the situation on the ground. The research carried should come with as much data as possible concerning the audience. This is the first step that enables the company to establish its basis on where tobogganed the media campaign and which phase to take. The research should be based on the current situation and not history. Those conducting the research on behalf of the company should try as much as possible to come up with the opinion of the audience concerning the situation on the ground. It is from the opinion of the audience that the company will establish its next step of the reaction. Before launching the media campaigns, the company needs to research and get to a clear understanding of what is known by the communication professionals.

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