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Homework answers / question archive / critically examine the evidence that adolescence is a of storm and stress

critically examine the evidence that adolescence is a of storm and stress


critically examine the evidence that adolescence is a of storm and stress. assess the role of nurture in language developments Thank you in advance for the help! The time of commencement and ending may be debated as there is no clear start point. However, most professionals who have involved themselves with this issue agree that the teenage years are very stormy and stressful years for teenagers. These are some of the problems which have been identified which make the adolescents to be as distressed as they are.

One of the issues that affect teenagers is that they are at the most definitive and formative years of human life. From a psychologist point of view, these are the years that are the most important in a person’s life because a person is trying to identify their personal identity or who they want to be. Adolescents are people in a time of their lives where they are trying to create a unique identity as a person. In this regard, they are at pressure to create their personal identity that is different from everyone else’s.

During the adolescent years, the young people are also trying to find ways to fit in with their peers. They are trying to make sure that even as they make their own identities, they are also a part of a society, affiliation or group that accepts them with regard to the new identity they are trying to create for themselves. This drive to fit in a group of peers is always in contradiction with the desire to create a separate and different entity which is also a primary desire for many people in this stage of development.

Adolescents are also trying to measure up to the various roles in their lives. As they try of fit in various affiliations such as with their peers, they have to handle the stressful moments that arise from trying to fit in with peers. They also desire to make sure that they measure up to their peers’ expectations. At the same time, they may want to measure up to their parent’s expectations with regard to various issues such as schoolwork. This is never easy for the teenagers.

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