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Homework answers / question archive / Research a major multinational firm (MNE) of your choice

Research a major multinational firm (MNE) of your choice


Research a major multinational firm (MNE) of your choice. Include in your research the characteristics the major industry(s) it competes in as well as the MNE’s global rivals. Avoid selecting a multinational conglomerate to avoid an unnecessarily complex analysis. Answer the following questions: 1.Which of the four multinational strategies is the MNE pursuing? 2.What organizational structure has it developed? 3.Considering the three legs of the strategy tripod, evaluate the “strategic fit” and alignment of the MNE’s strategy-structure multinational approach? 4.Does this approach offer any innovation or learning advantages over the approaches of the MNEs top rivals? Suggested Resources: MNE 2012 Annual Report and media releases Library Databases: •Company information: OneSource •Industry information: Net Advantage and MarketLine Commentary may include Reuters, WSJ, Financial Times, or industry-related publications

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