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Homework answers / question archive / Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Solar as an Alternative Energy Source

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Solar as an Alternative Energy Source


Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Solar as an Alternative Energy Source. Solar energy has a relatively higher energy density compared to other forms of energy. More than a half of the earth receives sunlight for more than 10 hours. This implies that the source of energy could be available to a larger area compared to other sources where specialize technique are required to construct required material to generate energy. The availability of the source indicates the immense potential with the source. The availability of the source compared to other sources indicates its ability to produce energy to be utilized within a given environment (Pembina Institute, 2007 & Foster et al. 2009). The benefits of the source could be utilized in a wider scale to allow energy to be utilized. The alternatives provide an advantage edge compared to other source. The source is also available to the small-scale users hence making appropriate.

The world is geared towards producing green energy. The exhaustion of natural resources has meant that reliable energy sources be used to replace those that sources depending on these natural resources. Oil, gas and other petroleum products has been teamed as major fossil fuels. According to Gaughan (1998), fossil fuels have uncertain future. This implies that in the long run the fuels sources are likely t be extinct thus in the near exploration will need to be gone to identify new site to source raw materials required to produce energy. This means frequent research to prevent the commodity from depleting in the market. In the case solar energy, the resource is unlimited and with proper technologies the users are likely to enjoy a longer period (Pimentel, 2008). Thus, comparing the two sources of energy it is evident that solar is reliable to its certain future.

Hydropower is limited to area with amble rainfall or access to larger water body masses. This implies that the alternative could be limited to area with low rainfall. The source in some cases is affected by the amount of rainfall in a given area. The connection between water body masses and the amount of energy produced makes the source unreliable. The solar source of energy requires minimal hour’s exposure to sunlight. This means that the source is unlimited in any conditions. The amount of technology and the complexities involved while developing a hydroelectric power plant, limits the source to areas with access to a large pull of capital. An alternative energy source requires one which is affordable and can be accessed by a large population. The high and low markets within the economy should be offered an alternative that satisfy their demand for energy while at the same time offer it at a lower cost.

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