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company wants to adopt lean approach

Operations Management

company wants to adopt lean approach. Currently its production line uses 10 containers of 50 units. Daily demand is estimated at 600 units, production lead time is 2 days with half a day's safety stock. Are they using the right number of kanbans? 2. Juicy is considering two different retail outlets. It has identified the four factors listed in the following table as the basis for evaluation, and it has assigned weights as shown. The manager has rated each location on each factor, on a 100-point basis (higher scores are better), as shown under the respective columns. a. Calculate the composite score for each alternative outlet. b. Which outlet should be chosen? Factor Description Weight A B Average customer traffic 40 70 60 Community growth potential .20 30 30 Competition 20 20 30 Store space .20 50 50

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