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Homework answers / question archive / write an article on Leonardo da Vinci, It needs to be at least 1250 words

write an article on Leonardo da Vinci, It needs to be at least 1250 words


write an article on Leonardo da Vinci, It needs to be at least 1250 words. Little is known about Leonardo’s early studies in painting and sculpture, at which he seems to have worked with as much earnest endeavor and interest as his studies in natural sciences. At the age of 20, Leonardo became a member of the Painter’s Guild of Florence, then one of the most notable organizations of the age. The dates and facts concerning his early work are as few and as doubtful as the information as for his youthful studies. Although it is certain that Leonardo was

It is known though that later on, Leonardo was requested by the Signorina of Florence to paint a certain picture for Saint Bernard Chapel, in the Public Palace, but what this picture was or whether any of those put forward as it is really the picture in question. By 1482, Leonardo acted as the specially commissioned bearer of a present from the famous Lorenzo il Moro, ruler of Milan (Illustrated Dictionary of Essential Knowledge, p.195). The present itself indicates the favor in which Da Vinci was regarded at court. It was a strangely constructed, yet beautifully sounding instrument which the young ambassador had himself invented and upon which he played with great skill and wondrous sweetness. This mission proved to be one of the most eventful undertakings in Leonardo’s life since it was destined to connect Leonardo. The ruler of Milan valued Leonardo not as a painter but as an engineer and general manager.

It was in Milan that Leonardo began painting extensively. Leonardo also wrote an important work on painting, which showed a wonderful knowledge of the art. This, it is said was intended to as a guide and mentor for his own numerous pupils. After Milan, Da Vinci went to Venice and devoted two years of his life there in art.&nbsp.

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