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Homework answers / question archive / Write 5 pages with APA style on Effects of New Media

Write 5 pages with APA style on Effects of New Media


Write 5 pages with APA style on Effects of New Media. In the past, the world operated on an analog basis involving the publishing of information but trends have changed. The upcoming generation has less concern for news publication but more regard for online information. Digital migration, an increasingly growing aspect around the world, has facilitated the development of new media (Jericho 14). Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram just to name but a few are the most common forms of social media. The world has developed into a universal community due to the increased connectivity.

Unlike the past, many homes have computers even the youth themselves have personal tablets and smartphones thereby expanding the exposure to networking websites. As a result, most of the youth have created social media accounts. Engaging in social networking is a very popular factor of entertainment among the current generation (Noor, Al-Deen, and John 29). It also enhances connection with friends and family who are far away. To add on to that is the fact that individuals get to meet people from other places around the world, share videos and pictures.

In as much as social media is increasing connectivity, it has had a negative impact on the young generation. First off is the issue of bad influence by forming online groups. Some people have used social media as a tool for motivating the youth to engage in matters or groups whose motive is unethical (Macnamara 26). High profile people have experienced a scenario of impersonation by unidentified individuals aimed at either relaying information that may spark a war among certain groups in the society or extorting money. The groups include vigilantes that associate with terror activities.

Other social networking groups promote immorality among the youth. Some youth participants succumb to pressure from friends to join the groups. Social evils interfere with the proper upbringing of the young generation (Stareva 55). This goes a long way in degrading the personal principles and the cultural values of the society. Evidently, many cases of hate speech have been on the rise in an attempt by the youth to criticize various issues. For instance, some youth affiliated with a given political candidate may form an online group and bombard the political opponent by spreading messages of hate.

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