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Homework answers / question archive / 1) Caleb shows his father a book he is reading about racial inequalities in the criminal justice system

1) Caleb shows his father a book he is reading about racial inequalities in the criminal justice system


1) Caleb shows his father a book he is reading about racial inequalities in the criminal justice system. In response, his father says "It's ridiculous that some people think police and courts are discriminating against minorities. If you don't want to go to prison then don't commit crimes! End of story." Caleb's father is demonstrating which of the following concepts?

a.race consciousness

b.color-blind racism


d.white nationalism


2. Callie is running for mayor of Arlington, Texas. She campaigns on the promise of racial and ethnic tolerance and her campaign slogan is "Diversity is our strength!" Her vision for the city would be best described as _____.


b.cultural appropriation




3. Harold is a Korean-American man who married a white woman from California named Lana. Their son, Jagger, has three children with his wife, Brooklynn, who is also white. This story of Harold's family is an example of _____.


b.racial assimilation


d.cultural assimilation


4.Herman associates Native Americans with violence and laziness but is completely unaware of these negative stereotypes that he holds in his mind. This is an example of which of the following concepts?

a.reverse racism

b.race consciousness

c.implicit bias



5.In 1999 up to one million ethnic Albanians were forcefully expelled and deported by Serbian and Yugoslavian forces from the province of Kosovo, where their people had lived for centuries. This is an example of which concept?




d.population transfer


6.Jaymie is a white college student who has become concerned about racial injustices in the United States. She starts taking history and sociology courses that focus on understanding race in America and begins thinking deeply about the role white privilege has played in her life. She also starts talking more openly with her friends about how racism operates in society. Jaymie is working towards becoming a _____.

a.reverse racist

b.color-blind racist

c.cultural appropriator

d.anti-racist ally


7.Lamar is a young, black man who lives in Portland, Oregon. Which of the following would be considered an aspect of Lamar's embodied identity?

a.People's reactions to the words he uses when he writes and speaks.

b.How others perceive his hair, facial features, and skin color.

c.How others view his knowledge of different types of music.

d.Others' judgments of his preference for certain types of food.


8.Matthew is an American whose great-grandfather immigrated to the United States from Mexico. While he doesn't really express his Mexican heritage in his daily life, every year he celebrates the Mexican holiday of Cinco De Mayo by dressing in traditional Mexican attire, participating in a parade, and cooking a feast of Mexican food for his friends. Matthew is displaying _____.


b.symbolic ethnicity

c.situational ethnicity



9.Members of which racial group are the most likely to drop out of high school and the least likely to graduate from college with a bachelor's degree?






10.Sebastian is a Latino man from Puerto Rico who now lives in Kansas City. In his everyday life in the city, he downplays his ethnicity, which isn't physically obvious, but when he goes on trips back home he proudly displays his Puerto Rican heritage. What term best describes this scenario?

a.subtle ethnicity

b.situational ethnicity

c.racial ethnicity

d.covert ethnicity


11.Sharon stopped going to a small local restaurant because she noticed that in comparison to white customers the owner always seats black customers in the less desirable parts of the dining area and gives them less prompt service. Sharon thinks the owner is _____.

a.committing discrimination

b.practicing intersectionality

c.practicing double-consciousness

d.committing cultural appropriation


12.Which of the following is an argument about why reverse racism does not exist?

a.People of color in the United States will outnumber white people by 2040.

b.Whites do not suffer from the cumulative disadvantages that people of color experience.

c.Racism against white Americans occurred only in the pre-Civil Rights era.

d.White Americans will always be the majority of the population.


13.Which of the following is true of a minority group?

a.Minority groups practice "reverse racism."

b.Minority groups are not recognized as belonging to a particular social category.

c.Minority groups are denied access to power and resources by the dominant group.

d.Minority groups are always smaller in number than the majority group.


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