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Homework answers / question archive / I will pay for the following article Disaster and Emergency Management

I will pay for the following article Disaster and Emergency Management


I will pay for the following article Disaster and Emergency Management. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. However, workplace violence may impact the other workers. The bank workers that exchange money, transportation workers and workers whose work alone during night shift may have reduced immunity against the workplace violence (, 2013).

The pre-event aspect of the workplace violence deals with the aspects that are prior to the assault. These aspects include the inequality. improper behaviour of fellow workers, potential objects that can become a tool for any assault. Employers can minimize the workplace violence event by minimizing the pre-event aspects of the workplace violence. Placing cameras for monitoring and maintaining high security come in the pre-event aspects.

Event aspects of the workplace violence deal in a condition of assault. In case of assault, one must be trained to deal with the workplace violence. Enabling alarm bells and maintaining the security staff will reduce the impact of the event of the workplace violence. Easy escape passage should also be provided in case of assault.

Post-Event aspects of workplace violence are the punishment of the culprit by the employers and the by the law. There should be tough punishment for the culprits so that no one in a workplace environment should think to try any act of assault.

The three occupations that are most vulnerable to workplace violence are the law enforcement agents or police officers, security guards or security agents are most vulnerable to the workplace violence. As police officers are there to protect the other citizens from any criminal activity, they are likely to come to come across the workplace violence. It is more likely for the professions that deal with the general public affairs and interaction to be in workplace violence situation as compared to professions (, 2013). Visiting nurses are also vulnerable the most. Most reported cases of workplace violence victimize the women. Sexual assault, sexual abuse and sexual harassment are some crimes that victimize women the most when considering the workplace violence.&nbsp. &nbsp.

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