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Homework answers / question archive / The process involves engaging adults with a learning experience structure

The process involves engaging adults with a learning experience structure


The process involves engaging adults with a learning experience structure. In many countries, especially the USA, andragogy is considered in the tradition of Malcolm Knowles that labels a practical and theoretical approach of humanistic conception based on autonomous and self-directed teachers and learners as learning facilitators. According to Knowles, andragogy must be distinguished from child leading. pedagogy. He asserted that effective andragogy must motivate the adults to know the importance of learning something must provide a basis for the learning activities, must use subjects with immediate relevance to their personal lives.&nbsp.

I had my internship at the department of public service gas and oil which is the sixth-largest in the region. The department wished to develop an action learning program. This was to help the distribution department to engage in more successful actions, in their competitive environment which was a major threat and was replacing their previous regulated world. During this time, it was established that the program was to enhance communication and interaction of people as well as weave quality behaviors and tools within the fabric of the organization. The program was to help people develop and use their coaching and problem-solving skills to establish an environment of trust and openness and to get a conflict on the table.

Over the two months of training, five separate sessions were conducted with more than 100 participants. Each session had an average of 20 participants that were split into four action groups of five participants. A learning coach headed each session. I happened to be one of the learning coaches. The learning coaches formed a team of learning coaches. Every action learning group could address the actual business project that was sponsored by a senior leader within the organization.

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