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Homework answers / question archive / Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on global englishes

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on global englishes


Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on global englishes. The process of research is a systematic approach to various issues with a solution finding mission (Duff & Chapelle, 2003). The world has become a global village and more often than not, people have to move from one continent to another for purposes of work, tourism, diplomatic aspects, migration or learning. A research conducted on any subject should be in a position to demonstrate effectively the kind of problem being investigated and provide relevant facts that have been followed to arrive at the problem (Patridge & Phakiti, 2010). Good research has to follow the stipulated steps in order to arrive at the expected solution giving summary and recommendations (Dörnyei, 2007).

Research is supposed to be held for posterity, this implies that any kind of scholarly work that is done should be well preserved. This means that research work has been well maintained for use by other people who may have related interests in the particular field or may want to improve on the particular issue. Information in particular fields of research can be significant in other kinds of research that may appear to be related. The purpose of this paper is to critically analyze the research article that was conducted by Ho (2009).

This article explores the challenge that is currently faced by students who are undertaking foreign languages for purposes of further studies or work in different other countries. Currently, the world has become a global village with many opportunities for commerce and learning in all parts of the world. Going to work or study in a foreign country is quite complex than the way it sounds. This is with respect to social issues relating to communication and cultural adaptations. Ho (2009) explains that people moving to work or learn in other countries have to be.

Cross-culturally competent in order to successfully interact with people in a foreign country as well as communicate effectively with them.&nbsp.

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