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Homework answers / question archive / Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Selected Engineering Field

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Selected Engineering Field


Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Selected Engineering Field. Civil engineers are concerned with overseeing the construction of tunnels, roads, bridges, airports and many other infrastructures. In the course of their job, civil engineers take account of several factors to ensure that the final product meets the standards expected. This is done taking account of the fact that the products are normally expected to last for several years and withstand many environmental challenges. In that regard, the engineers will normally consider factors such as the best design to use, the environmental conditions, the lifetime expected from the infrastructure and even government regulations.

Civil engineering itself incorporates many different specializations that are in one way or another related to one another. These disciplines have gradually evolved as new realities forced engineers to seek better ways to cope. Some of the major components of civil engineering include structural, environmental, geotechnical water, construction and urban planning. Normally in practice, these fields relate to each other as engineers do their work. The most conspicuous field that comes to mind whenever someone talks about civil engineering is structural engineering. Here, engineers are faced with the difficult task of designing enduring structures that will resist all the environmental confrontations. They must use the appropriate materials to ensure the work is properly done.

On the other hand, the knowledge of environmental engineers become almost indispensable as we try to conserve the few resources that continue to diminish as the world’s population continue to surge. Their main concern is to provide a safe environment for humanity despite the pollution, to provide better ways of disposing our hazardous waste and how to manage the world’s water resources for the posterity and us. Geotechnical engineering is concerned with those infrastructural facilities that are below the ground or dealing with the soil. A geotechnical engineer will therefore analyze such aspects as the type of soil, the stability of the ground, slopes and the quality of the rocks in a given area to determine whether they can support structures like tunnels, sewage systems, dam embankments and other infrastructure. A construction engineer, on the other hand, is concerned about all forms of transport infrastructure like roads, highways, railroads, airports etc. All these areas will no doubt require the best of minds given that quality should never be compromised in engineering.

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