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Homework answers / question archive / Write 5 pages thesis on the topic an effective early childhood educator

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic an effective early childhood educator


Write 5 pages thesis on the topic an effective early childhood educator. To describe the characteristics of ECE educator, one must take into account professional and personality factors. Making it simple, educators' effectiveness comes from a combination of knowledge, skills, and personality traits (Katz 1993). Obviously all three are important. However, a positive attitude plays a vital role in the functionality of knowledge and skills. One can have both knowledge and skills, but without a readiness to do something, both will make little difference ( Cantor, 990). Further, for younger children importance of positive attitude and readiness to teach the little kids become even more crucial.&nbsp.

These examples often include characteristics such as passion, a good attitude. Researches and my personal experience, both reveal the importance of passion for teaching young children (Childcare groups: a passion to be outstanding, 2009). It is not easy to be an early childhood educator. I can refer it as a sense of mission that lets an ECE educator work through. This is possible only if she feels that her work is making a difference in the life of those little angels. This sense of accomplishment can motivate the educator. For instance, at Wilson Elementary School, I observed a remarkable passion for the Early Childhood educator to develop the lives of those young kids. And the kids were responding with equal love and respect for her.

Respect for children is another basic personality trait to be a good early childhood teacher. It is not only respecting children from all backgrounds, but also as having the belief that everyone’s life is enhanced by exposure to diverse people.

In line with respecting diversity is the trait of patience. ECE educator needs to have patience when working with children and their families. Daniels et al (2003) suggested that to deal with diverse ability group, educators must possess patience.&nbsp. As I stated earlier, children are different inabilities.

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