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Homework answers / question archive / (1) During Jacksons presidency he shaped the nations agenda as well as American politics

(1) During Jacksons presidency he shaped the nations agenda as well as American politics


(1) During Jacksons presidency he shaped the nations agenda as well as American politics. President Andrew Jackson was ultimately a great president for our country because his decisions led to the creation of the democratic party, helped pay off all national debts by eliminating the Bank, and by ending future conflicts with land owners. He provided specific decisions that helped turn America into a better place than it was previously before. President Jackson represented a majority of the American people and opposed those, particularly white men and the wealthy, who used their power for "evil." For example the phrase, "It is to be regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their selfish purposes," was said by Andrew Jackson during his veto message (1832). He believed in each states rights and American values. With this Jackson believed that banks were to blame for corruption of politics to gain money. Jackson stated that he valued a limited government that would be supported by a strong president at top, and the states were to govern themselves with limited federal interference. This led him to setting a goal to allow everyone to have their own opinions of certain situations involving political power. Andrew’s views on how government should be rotated provided an over all reform in the government. President Jackson then wanted to separate the powers of the supreme court, so that they are entitled to their own opinion as well as ensured an overall democratic rule. However, not only did Jackson believe in a fair separation of powers but also came up with solutions to expand our economy and prevent conflict. On May 1830, Congress passed the Indian removal act, which Jackson later signed into law two days after. This particular Act authorized the president to negotiate treaties to buy tribal lands in the east in exchange for lands farther west, outside of existing state borders by relinquishing tribes sovereignty. In 1832 Jackson also enacted a law for tariffs, which lowered over all tariff rates. All in all, I believe and admire that President Jackson was a good president for our country and took risks to help benefit the people and society as a whole. 

(2) I believe that Andrew Jackson was a good president and under the circumstances of his presidency took on the responsibility of unfair banking practices and tariffs which supported only certain sections of people and was successful with some of his goals in trying to protect the American people. A president cannot be expected to make everybody happy at all times, this is the unfortunate side of being a president, but all in all I believe he did the best he could for the American people at the time and was able to provide the building blocks of a stronger America.

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