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Homework answers / question archive / Write 5 pages thesis on the topic recreating the king's head hotel

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic recreating the king's head hotel


Write 5 pages thesis on the topic recreating the king's head hotel. The building itself is listed as a statutorily listed building, there are a number of rules and laws as to how the company can go about making modifications to the locality. With the correct application of rules and regulations, Marylebone Leisure still has a lot of room to develop and change the function of the building, bringing it up to the level which would be suitable for a classic hotel in a classical setting. There are also possible advantages of working with this building all of which are discussed in this report.

While the building codes and policy requirements place several restrictions on what Marylebone Leisure can do with the present building of the King’s Head Hotel, there are several ways in which those limitations can be used to the company’s advantage. The policy restricts changing the building (interior/exterior) significantly but allows expansion if the same theme is maintained. More importantly, the company may be able to secure financial support as well as technical support for renovation from local authorities. Consultations would be required with interior designers, environmental engineers and the local government representatives to ensure compliance.

The first thing to know about the site and the building is that it is a statutorily listed building which means that there are several applicable controls to any modifications or alterations made to the hotel. The Harrow on the Hill Village Conservation Area Policy Statement declares in section 8.2.11 that the King’s Head Hotel is visually important for the area1. The policy also implies certain controls for the development of the hotel including the condition that no significant modifications be made to the building façade so as to conserve the look and feel of the area as well as the views from different positions.

The second control which could be applicable to the premises would be the policy which demands that current open areas and gaps between buildings should be respected and not&nbsp.changed.

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