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Homework answers / question archive / Write a 6 pages paper on palestinian israeli conflict

Write a 6 pages paper on palestinian israeli conflict


Write a 6 pages paper on palestinian israeli conflict. In the late 1800s, some Zionists (an extremist minority in the Jewish community) decided to colonize this land. Their goal was to create a Jewish homeland, and from then onwards the conflicts between Palestine and Jews began to erupt. (A Synopsis of the Israel/Palestine Conflict) This conflict has reached some fearful proposition in the current century when Israel has intruded into the Gaza city killing so many civilians, accusing them of responsibility for a terrorist attack in Israel. The solution for this conflict is dangerously complicated since it is associated with so many political, social, cultural and religious aspects.

Obstacles for reaching a solution for the Palestine – Israel conflict

Most Palestinians believe that the West Bank and Gaza are entirely belonging to their authority and Israel has no claim at all on these cities. On the other hand, Israel is not ready to recognize these claims. For them, most parts of these cities are belonging to their territory and Palestine’s claims are not justifiable. The border of Jerusalem is the most disputed issue in this conflict. Jerusalem is equally important for Jews, Christians, and Islam because of Abraham who is believed to be a sacred person for all these three communities. Israel doesn’t want to divide Jerusalem and they are trying to establish their supremacy over other religions regarding this holy city. Now the majority of the people staying in this city are Jews and hence Israel not ready to give up their claims on this city.

Palestinians nowadays strongly believe that Israel is trying to conquer entire Palestine and they will never allow creating an independent Palestine state. On the other hand, Israelis believe that Palestine wanted to control the entire Palestine region. Both parties have their own convincing reasons also to believe like these. The mutual belief and confidence are at the lowest level and hence it is even difficult to bring them around a table for discussion.

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