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 assistance with these assignment. apple ipad and its features Thank you in advance for the help! In the past, only a handful of journalists and Mac die-hards attend this event, but today, it is one of the must-see tech events. A series of public relation efforts, advertisements, and other marketing initiatives have been launched way before IPad even hit the stores in March.

A crucial dimension to the IPad marketing strategy, as with the other Apple products such as the iPod Touch, the iPhone, and the Macbooks, is the "anticipation" variable. Again, one sees this in the launch of the IPad and the flurry of marketing activities months before it becomes available in the market. The point here is that anticipation drives many of Apple consumers. According to David Hooper (2009), consumers, generally are looking for the next, the biggest, the best, and the "new and improved." (p. 64) Apple never falters in this aspect. Its marketing strategy always takes into account the fact that consumers like promises and, indeed, Apple became adept in creating the anticipatory tension around a new or improved product such as the IPad.

The above variable is analogous to how a reader is riveted in reading a very successful crime novel. The proverbial "whodunit" element is translated into how consumers want to know what is going to happen next, how it is going to start or end.

The concepts behind the new Apple products were not entirely novel. MP3 players already abound before iPod was sold, Blackberry and other smartphones have already been introduced featuring mobile web browsing and Samsung was the first to develop the touch technology in mobile phones. What made the iPhone and the iPod more effective is Apple’s unique addition to these three products - the factors responsible to the success - was the infusion of Apple's core strength of user-friendliness in its products.

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