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Homework answers / question archive / Think about your current role in school and work

Think about your current role in school and work


Think about your current role in school and work. Which do you utilize more: Left Brain or Right Brain capacities? Do you agree or disagree with Dan Pink’s assertion that Left Brain capacities are being de-emphasized and Right Brain capacities are becoming predominant?

Directions: Do some outside research on this topic. Find a credible link and include it in your response. I'd like you to try to explain what you've discovered from the source before you answer the questions above. Or, you can include this outside information in your answer altogether. I'm basically looking to see which students in class still rely on Wikipedia to get their information, and which students spend hours fact-checking their info. before making an ideological commitment.

Things to consider: Where did your info. come from? Who or what entity published it? Who wrote it? Did you cross-reference it? How do you know the information you're looking at is reliable and true?

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