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Homework answers / question archive / a thesis and an outline on Psychological Evolution

a thesis and an outline on Psychological Evolution


a thesis and an outline on Psychological Evolution. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The following discussion reviews two research papers published on psychological aspects of obese people based on the five-stage framework postulated in psychosocial theory. Based on this researches, an attempt will be made to understand how obesity impacts individuals’ consciousness and behavior besides physical wellbeing.

Psychosocial theory helps in understanding how an individual’s cognitive and psychological development is influenced by various external factors and internal competencies/conflicts that arise as a result of misconceptions or disorientations. The two research papers have been thoroughly read to identify different nuances that underpin individuals’ psychological development and their consequential pathologies/crises. Further, findings from both the researches have been applied to five stages of psychosocial theory to understand the implications of the psychological problems faced by these people and their relation to the individuals’ psychosocial development.

The first research paper is a systematic review of clinical data obtained from the 1985 Consensus Conference on obesity conducted by various researchers. This review was conducted by Stunkard and Wadden (1992) titled ‘psychological aspects of severe obesity.’ The study focuses on various aspects of psychological stress experienced by severely obese people before undergoing anti-obesity surgery. They further compare these obese people’s psychological behavior after the surgery and point out the changes in their psychosocial behavior. This study used a variety of sample which showed varied heterogeneity in their psychological features. A systematic grouping of these populations into clusters of specific subtypes helped in arriving at a pattern&nbsp.that brought out the trend of psychopathological issues and psychosocial behavior exhibited by the obese people including children as well as adults.&nbsp.

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