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Homework answers / question archive / Due by Saturday, July 4th before 9PM Minimum word count: 1

Due by Saturday, July 4th before 9PM Minimum word count: 1


Due by Saturday, July 4th before 9PM

Minimum word count:

1.working title



Min 150

3.Literature review

Min 900

4. United Nations Convention, Covenant, or Declaration at stake

Min 300

5. Final thoughts

Min 400


Total: Min 1800

6. Citation



1. WORKING TITLE: be specific, including time and place. For example: The Human Rights of immigrant children held in detention centers in the United States in the last five years (Here, you may want to focus on DACA).


2. An ABSTRACT (a paragraph, about 150 words, not bullets), which should be something like this (and doesn't require references, yet)


A. WHAT and When - This article is about ... (title, in detail), which takes place in ... My research question is ...

B. WHERE - It takes place in... Orange County, Southern California, where racial discrimination places ethnic minorities at higher risk for ... or place of residence ... or gender... or social economic status ...

C. WHY - Significance: The reason why I've chosen this topic is because I myself have been affected by ... discrimination... homelessness... student debt... poverty... and therefore I have some understanding of how health disparities can jeopardize the situation of .....

D. HOW - Argument (something you believe in): In my literature review, I have found out that ... here comes your argument! I support the HR claim that immigrant children should not be detained and separated from their parents. This is cruel and unusual punishment, according to ... cite Convention or Declaration... and/or it violates the CRC, article...

E. Sources of Information: I have resorted to scholarly articles in ___ peer-reviewed journals, retrieved from OneSearch in the SF State Library database. In addition, I have resorted to news media articles retrieved from .... in order to address my research topic using the most current news media pieces about ....


The Abstract should be a paragraph that flows well together, rather than bullets. Essay style. Min. of 150 words, Max of 300.


3. Literature Review (about 900 to 1000 words; include word count).

a. For each of the 6 peer-reviewed scholarly articles from the SF State Library One-Search database. that you included in your Outline (or that you are including now for your FP), you will include a paragraph (100 words each) for each article, explaining in detail how and why the specific article you chose relates to your research topic and research question. Make sure you reference the articles following APA (MLA is OK) citation guidelines (rather than just provide an url.) Word count here: 600 to 800 words.

b. Include 3 news media articles from major newspapers, such as the NY Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, etc. that are directly related to your research question. Blogs, Wikipedia, and other internet websites are not allowed. Also, req 100 words comments on each. Total: 300 words.


4. United Nations Convention, Covenant, or Declaration at stake:

Mention 1) one UN document, with all specifics, that you are analyzing and bringing into your final project. Be specific: such as Convention on the Rights of the Child, or Convention on People with Disabilities, citing articles that are being violated.

AND Mention 2) a broader UN doc, such as the UDHR or ICESRC, which also includes an article that is being violated. It is important that you start with a specific treaty or declaration, and then move to a broader document, which actually spurred the creation of the more specific ones. (300 words).


5. Final Thoughts: Wrap up linking your choice of topic with research question, and quotes from articles. 4 Paragraphs, 100 words eachUse at least TEN Human Rights concepts out of this list, and underline as you go along:

sovereignty, collective rights, individual rights, ratification, self-determination, treaty, declaration, dignity, impunity, genocide, right to know, equality, well-being, ethnicity, cultural integrity, informed consent, international law, social justice, human rights education, LGBTQ rights, indigenous peoples, peoples with disabilities, prisoners of war, children's rights, and women's rights.


6. References Cited, following APA citation guidelines.

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