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an research paper on uncertainty reduction theory


an research paper on uncertainty reduction theory. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism. The beginning of personal relationships is always faced with a series of uncertainties. Charles Berger, therefore, came up with a theory on how to reduce these uncertainties (Rodriguez, 56). This is for purposes of helping them to anticipate the action of their new friends. This is one of the experiences that I faced when I meet my best friend for the first time. It was very difficult for the two of us to communicate with one another, mainly because none of us knew what to expect from each other. I did not have any idea of what my new friend valued, or did not value. I did not want to speak up, because of the fear that I may offend my new friend, but still, I wanted to express myself. However, through the axioms of the uncertainty reduction theory, I was able to create and maintain a positive relationship with my friend.

The first principle that was applicable to my relationship, was based on the ideas that Berger proposed, concerning verbal communication. This is the first axiom of uncertainty reduction theory (Rodriguez, 56). According to this axiom, an increase in the level of verbal communication between strangers manages to reduce the rate of uncertainty. This was directly applicable to my relationship because I constantly maintained a series of verbal communication with my new friend. The next axiom is non-verbal warmth. An increase in non-verbal communication has the capability of reducing uncertainty. This includes smiles, head nods, hugs, etc.

These were widely used in my relationships, because I constantly smiled at my new friend, whenever we met. The third and fourth axioms involved information seeking and self-disclosures. Under information seeking, the parties to the relationship are involved in looking for information about each other. These types of information include the likes, the dislikes, the culture, the age, and other attributes of their friend. This is important because it would help in creating a relationship that is based on the understanding of the other person. Self-disclosure involves disclosing information pertaining to ourselves to each other.

This was important to my case because I managed to explain to my friend all about my-self, my family, my likes and dislikes. This played a great role in reducing uncertainty between my friend and myself. Due to my self-disclosure, my friend was able to reciprocate and disclose more about himself. This brings us to the fifth axiom which is reciprocity (Baxter and Barbara, 108). Under this concept, when the uncertainty is high, chances are high that there will be a high level of reciprocity. Therefore, by my capability to reduce uncertainty based on self-disclosure, my friend was able to respond banc, because uncertainty was low. It is also important to denote that when uncertainty is low, the level of reciprocity will also below. This was better captured in my relationship.

Finally, the eight axiom is shared communication (Baxter and Barbara, 110). This involved a situation whereby there was a shared network of communication. In communicating with my friend, I was able to use emails, mobile phones, and through social media. This helped in creating a strong bond between us, reducing the levels of uncertainty that was existing amongst us.

In conclusion, by following the above-mentioned axioms, then it is possible to reduce uncertainty in any new relationship. The reduction of uncertainty would eventually lead to the growth of the relationship under consideration.

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