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I will pay for the following article Philosophy in The Lego Movie


I will pay for the following article Philosophy in The Lego Movie. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. An underground group of master builders took him into their custody and proclaimed since he discovered the piece, that he is the Special as prophesied. Then we are introduced to the other heroes—Vitruvius, Wyldstyle, and Batman. They have a common goal, which is to destroy President Business who ruthlessly controls all things in the Lego world.

The Lego Movie could appear to be a mere animated action-adventure movie derived from the popular Lego bricks. However, it is the portrayal and explanation of the disagreement about the connection between reality and art which has been broadly discussed by Plato. Plato explains a connection between the artist and the craftsman (Braembussche 18). He argues that the craftsman envisions a mental picture of a perfect Form and applies it as an illustration to create a particular, observable, concrete and readily usable product. Similar to nature, this created product is an image, a flawed imitation of a perfect Form. On the other hand, the artist imitates nature or a particular, created product, without having knowledge of their internal mechanisms. The artist is not aware of how this product is created. He only copies the sensorial exteriors of objects thereby merely making an imitation of an imitation (Braembussche 18-19). In The Lego Movie, the craftsman is the boy Finn and the artist is Emmet and the other characters in Finn’s Lego world.

Emmet sees himself existing and in the actual world, where the story’s episodes are being created in Finn’s imagination—the craftsman. Recognizing the serious risks his comrades are in, Emmet pushes himself to act and draws the interest of Finn. The craftsman Finn puts back the piece of resistance and Emmet to the setting where Emmet, this time holding the capabilities of a Master Builder because of his faith in his abilities, faces Lord Business. Imitation is where the film starts, as the protagonist Emmet abides by exact orders on how to begin his day and& to act in front of or toward others.

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