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Homework answers / question archive / Select an organisation and develop an advocacy proposal where you think this is needed and a plan to gain organisational support for the proposal

Select an organisation and develop an advocacy proposal where you think this is needed and a plan to gain organisational support for the proposal


Select an organisation and develop an advocacy proposal where you think this is needed and a plan to gain organisational support for the proposal.

Selected organisation is:

Them chosen:

Environmental Sustainability- we are suggesting on biodegradable/ environmentally conscious one-use cutlery, plates.

PART A (30 marks): Written report (3,000 words ). Minimum 15 scholarly sources used for entire report. 
Suggested Structure for Part A: 
Title Page: Name of report, list of group members, total words (reference list not included in word count), seminar day and time, teacher 
Introduction (around 250 words): Summary of contents of the group report, and of each student's contribution. 
Background (around 600 words): Introduces the topic theme, key concepts relating to this, and the chosen organisation. This sets the case for why this is an important topic area. 
Proposal (around 600 words): This section summarises a proposed deliverable that seeks to address the advocacy issue identified in the chosen organisation. Examples of deliverables include a policy or procedure, a code of conduct, practice guidelines, staff training; etc. Outline your proposal, and how results will be monitored (that is, how will you know that your proposal was successful in addressing the issue you have identified). 
Advocacy Plan (around 1,300 words): The section discusses the considerations and processes necessary to successfully advocate for your proposal in the chosen context (organisation). That is, how will you successfully convince the organisation to adopt your proposal? 
0 Questions to consider: How do you persuade and influence others, including key nartiac/ctalechnIrlorc0 1A/hat arc thair infaroctc9 1A/1-nt is thic nrnrtncal imnnrtant / 
PART B (10 marks): A 6-minute presentation plus U&A with audience, where the jroup will 'pitch' the proposal for endorsement (in class in week 12) 
Due to the current lockdown, Part B will be submitted as recorded presentations to be played in the Week 12 seminar, followed by Q&A with the class during the Collaborate Ultra seminar. Recorded presentations can be created using Microsoft PowerPoint o or other software. You can be as creative as you wish in communicating the strength of your proposal! 
O Develop a persuasive argument: your pitch in 6 mins about why your proposal is important and will be successful. O Your 'Pitch' should highlight key elements of the proposal, focus on the rationale for implementation and address the selling points developed from your advocacy plan O You will also need to be an engaged member of the class - Actively listening to other groups' presentation and asking questions of other groups during their Q&A 
Renown*, and Advocacy' Assessment Task 3, Research Project: Marking Criteria 
Component I F (0.491 10. (50.591 I C16049) 1 0 170-79) I HO (901001 Group Report 130 marks] Intro:W.3n. Background. Conduuon 16 marls) Lacks cbrrty. Insufficient understanchne of literature and topic aria. Desates key aspect of topic area. Context Is clear. Reflects well on teamwork process. Conveys coherent discusson of topic area. Context is dear. Reflects very well on teamwork process Conveys strong understanding and argument on topic rea. Context n clear. Excellent reflections on teamwork process. Effectively extends disanuon of key pones from kterature to develop sophisticated argument. Ctitstanchng deng and mughtful reflections on the teamwork process. Proposal (6 marks' Proposal unclear, lacks detail and/cc coherence. Proposal dear but needs fuller development. Laos sufbaent connection with introduced context. Identifies key ideas to develop coherent proposal addressing key issues Demonstrates snore understanding of key ideas to develop proposal. Demonstrates soplustnated insight to develop proposal that addresses identified issues. Advocacy Plan (12 marks) Proposal theme. literature and advocacy links not coherently identified. Shorn Imle understanding of possible outcomes. Proposal theme and advocacy links identified between plan, relevant literature/research. Shows understanding of possible outcomes. Proposal thane and advocacy links developed between plan, relevant kteratise/researdt Shows understandng of outcomes. Proposal theme and advocacy lints strongly developed between den, relevant literature/research. Provides insight and connections to policy ideas and outcomes Sophisticated linking of ematy proposal issues dscussed in literature/research, equity. Outstanding insight and connections to policy ideas and outcomes Writing Presentation, Lacks coherence In structure and writing. Poor phraure and In places, lacks coherence In Mostly well strucused and written. Appropriate Excellent structure and clarny of wming. Appropriate and Logical mixture developing sophistnated insight. 

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