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Homework answers / question archive / Write a 1 page paper on a of the the dark knight rises

Write a 1 page paper on a of the the dark knight rises


Write a 1 page paper on a of the the dark knight rises. This is a review of the movie the Dark Knight Rises by a critic from the British newspaper the Telegraph. Generally, the review discusses the plot and theme of the movie. A lot of attention is paid to the performances of the actors which is generally considered to be very good. The director comes in for special praise as being at the top of his game. The story is one that is considered transformative and ripped from the headlines. The review evaluates the movie as an excellent and entertaining film.

The author uses a number of adjectives to communicate his evaluation. For example, late in the review, he says, “The scope here is unashamedly novelistic, and although the plotting of the film’s first act is arguably muddled, Nolan’s sheer formal audacity means the stakes feel skin-prickling high at all times…” He is not pulling punches but is saying that while some aspects of the film may not be so good, these are overwhelmed by the style and talent of the director, Christopher Nolan, who is very good. The reviewer uses lively, exciting language throughout which is good because it reflects the fun aspect of the film. Overall, the author communicates in a way that makes the reader not only want to keep reading but also rush out to see the film.

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