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Homework answers / question archive / Provide a 16 pages analysis while answering the following question: Culture influences on leadership processes

Provide a 16 pages analysis while answering the following question: Culture influences on leadership processes


Provide a 16 pages analysis while answering the following question: Culture influences on leadership processes. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. In this paper, the proponent tries to specifically emphasise the specific influence of culture on the leadership process. In line with this, guidelines for how leaders can adapt their communication to diverse cultures are included. What is culture? Man from the start struggled to survive with nature. Everything was not learned in an instant event but humans have to undergo trial and error process. This paved way to their important experiences with nature. It is therefore implied that culture is a result of experiences from humans’ struggle for survival with nature that eventually resulted to belief, art, law, moral, customs, capabilities and habits (Ayisi, 1992). Today, these are widely observed as integral parts of everyone’s daily survival in every part of the world. Due to different and constant experiences encountered by people everyday, culture has become a system consisting of interrelated and interdependent habit pattern of response (Kroeber and Kluckhohn, 1978). Every individual has different way to respond to a certain experience. The form of response is also dependent on the available ideas and patterns of activities generated from different experiences. Culture therefore has become easy to be identified through knowing how people live, what clothes they wear, what foods they eat, what language they speak, stories they tell and celebrations they celebrate as far as knowing how they survive is concerned (Kalman, 2009). This makes culture as a way of life because it tries to define the entire being of a person. From the day an individual arrived in this planet, the entire event did not start with picking up the right thing in order. Everything had to undergo a series of events of experiences from top to bottom. This means that an individual had to struggle to come up with the right process in order to discover the right and appropriate response to every situation. Culture therefore is such a broad concept because of its connection with the human lives. It is an integral part of daily survival and without it there is no enough basis of measuring how far an individual has gone through in life. From the standpoint of cultural anthropology, culture encompasses the idea about shared concepts, values, beliefs and adaptive system (Lyman, 2008). Every nation has an idea about shared concepts, beliefs, values and adaptive system. Japanese are known for their loyalty, courtesy and other good values that are considered to be important parts of where their country right now. Their cultural values are considered integral parts of how they achieve things in life and how they face situations and circumstances. Cultural values for them are very important because this is how they should consider themselves in relation to dealing with other people not only with their own race but other people in the world. Values are very important for Japanese that even on how they achieve things with economic considerations, they considered price and quality as the most important considerations why people should go for their products. As a result, Japanese are among of the leading innovators in the world with considerable emphasis on their cutting-edge technology. The United States has certain beliefs and shared concepts about the American way of life. Part of their culture is the belief that when a certain thing is priced expensive, then it must have substantial positive impact on quality.

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