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Homework answers / question archive / Read: Allende, “And of Clay We Are Created” p

Read: Allende, “And of Clay We Are Created” p



Allende, “And of Clay We Are Created” p. 1133-1141 (Vol. F)

Pamuk “To Look Out the Window” p. 1170-1187 (Vol. F)

 Adichie, “The Headstrong Historian” p. 1188-1200 (Vol. F)

 authors reflect on many ideas, but one thread that runs through most of the texts is a focus on history.  Sometimes the focus is on family history, or sometimes the focus in on specific cultural history or the history of humanity.  In your exam, use at least three specific examples from assigned texts in the final three weeks of the course to show how we see a discussion of history (family history, cultural history, the history of humanity, or whatever other historical focus that you notice).  Where specifically do we see history referred to or portrayed in the text?  What does the author seem to be saying about history in that context?  What can we learn about history, of ourselves or of others, through these examples?

Your essay response must be a minimum of 750 words (there is no maximum but try to avoid writing a book).  

Your exam must be in conventional essay format (contain an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion). 

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